The book has 8 chapters, obviously if I went through each chapter, my family would get sick of 2 weeks worth of appetizers then two weeks worth of soups etc. So I am going to start with the first recipe from chapter one then the first recipe from chapter two etc. When I have done the first recipe from each of the eight chapters then I will start with the second recipe from each chapter and so on...

My goal is to get through every recipe and have a comment on how it turned out and what I served with it and how my family enjoyed it. As of yet I do not have an ending date, but I am starting tomorrow with Polynesian Pork.

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  1. I am realizing that there are alot of beef recipes. Considering my husband is watching his cholestoral, I have decided to change my plan.

    I now will be choosing the recipes from each chapter instead of going in order, so that I can space out the beef recipes.

    So I will test one recipe from each of the eight chapters, then start over again and pick another recipe from each chapter etc.

    Hope this makes sense!